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SSR Solid State Recorder
  SSR Operation Manual version 1.0

SSR Manual

SSR Manual

2.3 MB pdf
32-page manual

- Introduction
- SSR connections
- Control Panel
- Display
- Menu System
- Initialization
- Diagnostics
- Appendices

Genesis FAQs
SSR Brochure

772 kB pdf
6-page overview

- small, lightweight, low power consumption
- mounts on Genesis for cable-free, camera-controled operation
- uncompressed 444 or 422 recording
- 21 minute capacity in 444, 43 minutes in 422 (at 23.98 fps)

Genesis Quick Reference Cards
Genesis FAQs
8 Genesis Cards

1.2 MB pdf
8 cards on key settings for Genesis:
frame rate, audio, time code, exposure, frame lines

Genesis FAQ & brochure
Genesis FAQs

Genesis FAQs

1.2 MB pdf
14 pages of questions and answers

Genesis Brochure

Genesis Brochure 07

312 kB pdf
3-page overview

User Manuals

Genesis User's

12.2 MB pdf
277-page manual
Gamma & GDP manual

Gamma software
Genesis Display Processor

785 kB pdf
40-page manual

Movies & Web
Genesis movie

Building the Genesis or download zip version

22 MB Quicktime movie
4 minute movie showing an AC putting together the camera system
(Windows Firefox seems to handle web Quicktime faster than Explorer)

Genesis Menu Simulator

Genesis Menu Simulator zip

1.3 MB zip archive of web site
a zipped version of the Genesis Menu Simulator
that you can set up on your own laptop.

Exposure Notes
Genesis Exposure

Genesis Exposure Chart

includes waveform to stops equivalents


Panalog LUT values

table of Panalog and Linear light values

Technical Background
Genesis genesis

Genesis of Genesis

1.1 MB pdf
22-page Powerpoint technical introduction
About Panalog

Introducing Panalog

528kB pdf
31-page Powerpoint introduction to Panalog and its wide dynamic range by John Galt & James Pearman

This download site is mirrored at in the US and in Europe.


p a n a v i s i o n / g e n e s i s